The World of Albert Schweitzer

Kunst- und Musikwissenschaften / Photographie / Bildbände

Anderson, Erica
A Book of Photographs by Erica Anderson
With Text and Captions by Eugene Exman

Signatur: M001-B270-D001-A003;
Buchart: Bildband
Verlag: Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)
Veröffentlichung: 2023
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 144
Format: Lex. 8°
Größe (HxBXT): 28,4 x 23,0 cm x 1,7 cm
The World of Albert Schweitzer
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0. An introduction; 1. Africa and the Jungle Hospital: Arrival of the River Steamer. Hospital Street and Patients. How the Patients Live. Maternity Ward. Hospital Records and Operations. Children. Garden and Plantation. Lambaréné Kitchen. Daily Chores. Native Crafts. Sunday Service. Birthdays. Tropical Christmas. Tom-Toms. Dry Season. Clearing the Jungle. New Buildings. Leper Village. Jungle Path. Pets. Night Rounds. The Importance of Thought. Music in Lambaréné.; 2. Europe and the Alsatian Homeland: Günsbach. At Home in Europe. Family Album. Honoris Causa. The House that Goethe Built. Schweitzer the Musician. Recording Organ Music. Vineyards and Village Neighbours. Saying Good-bye.; 3. Return Voyage: En Route. Again on the Ogowe River. At Home in Lambaréné. 4. References

Bildband über Lambaréne, Gabun und das Hospital von Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Textpassagen (Auszüge):
"Fifty miles below the equator, near the western coast of Africa, is the village of Lambaréné in the Gabon province of French Equatorial Africa. Here on the banks of the Ogowe River, Dr. Albert Schweitzer came in 1913 to establish a hospital. To this remote hospital the world has since built a well-beaten path, to find one of surpassing excellence, "even though in the woods." To find one worthy of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize. [...]"