Miscellaneous Works of the late Thomas Young, M.D., F.R.S., &c., (Volume II.)

Geisteswissenschaften / Archäologie / Thomas Young

Peacock, George
and one of the eight foreign associates of the National Institute of France
Vols. I & II. including his scientific memoirs, &c.

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Veröffentlichung: 2023
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Miscellaneous Works of the late Thomas Young, M.D., F.R.S., &c., (Volume II.)
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27. Appendix to Captain Kater's Account of Experiments for determining the Lengh of the Pendulum; 28. Remarks on the Probabilities of Error in Physical Observations, and on the Density of the Earth; 29. A Postscript on Atmospherical Refraction; 30. An Extension of the Inverse Series for the Computation of Refraction; 31. A finite and exact Expression for the Refraction of an Atmosphere nearly resembling that of the Earth; 32. Historical Sketch of the various Solutions of the Problem of Atmospherical Refraction; 33. Computation of the Effect of Terrestrial Refraction, in the actual condition of the Atmosphere; 34. Remarks on Laplace's latest Computation of the Density of the Earth; 35. Remarks on the Astronomical Measurements of the Ancients; 36. Estimate of the Effect of the Terms involving the Square of the Disturbing Force on the Determination of the Figure of the Earth; 37. Simple Determination of the most ancient Epoch of Astronomical Chronology; 38. On the Resistance of the Air; 39. Considerations on the Reduction of the Length of the Pendulum to the Level of the Sea; ,39. Computations for clearing the Comppass of the regular Effect of a Ships permanent Attraction; 41. A brief Investigation of the Properties of the Geodetic Curve; 42. A simple Rectification of the Geodetic Curve; 43. Calculation of the Rate of Expansion of a supposed Lunar Athmosphere; 44. A concise Method of determining the Figure of a Gravitating Body revolving round another; 45. Calculations of the Direct Attraction of a Spheroid, and Demonstration of Clairaut's Theorem; 46. On the Equilibrium and Strengh of Elastic Substances; 47. Some Propositions on Waves and Sound; 48. An Investigation of the Pressure sustained by the fixed Supports of Flexible Substances; 49. An Essay on the Pressure of Semifluid and Cohesive Substances; 50. Remarks on the Structure of Covered Ways; 51. Remarks on the Friction of Wheelwork and on the Forms best suited for Teeth; 52. Selections from the Article 'Bridge,' in the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica; 53. A Portion of the Article 'Carpentry,' from the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica; 54. A Theory of Tides, including the Considerations of Resistance; 55. The Article 'Tides,' from the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britannica; 56. Extracts relating to the Theory of Tides, from Bbrande's Quarterly Journal of Science; 57. An Algebraical Expression for the Value of Lives; 58. A Formula for expressing the Decrement of Human Life; 59. Remarks on the Principle of Compund Interest; 60. A Letter to William Morgan, Esq., F.R.S., on the Experience of the Equitable Society; 61. Practical Comparison of the different Tables of Mortality; 62. Practical Application of the Doctrine of Chances to the Subdivision of Risks; 63. Addendum to the Article on Annuities; 64. A Review of 'An Essay on Dew and several Appearances connected with it'; 65. On Weights and Measures; 66. Description of a New Species of Opercularia; 67. On the Habits of SPiders; on Passages in the Aristotle and Aristophanes, and an Illustration of the Fabrician System; 68. Life of Cavendish; 69. Life of Smithson Tennant; 70. Life of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford; 71. Life of Dr. Watson, Bishop of Llandaff; 72. Life of Fourcroy; 73. Life of Ingenhousz; 74. Life of Robison; 75. Life of Dolomieu; 76. Life of Coulomb; 77. Life of Borda; 78. Life of de la Condamine; 79. Life of Lagrange; 80. Life of Fermat; 81. Life of Dolland; 82. Life of Malus; 83. Life of Lalande; 84. Life of Lambert; 85. Life of Maskelyne; 86. Life of Atwood

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The works of Thomans Young, M.D.